by Trent Bushnell

When you consider everything that goes into pulling off a club meeting, is it worth it?  All the prep; all the props; all the promo; all the setup; and all the energy.  All the frustration over kids who should have been there; kids who should not have been there; staff who didn’t show; staff who would have been less of a problem if they hadn’t shown!  If you hate club day, follow this blog all month as we unwrap the WHY of club. 

Think about it.  When Campus Life club is done well it:

  • Gives IDENTITY – Campus Life is a place to go!  We are not strangers, we're the Campus Life crew.  Students have heard that it’s a place some students go.
  • Creates COMMUNITY – Campus Life is a place to belong!  One thing that hasn’t changed over my 41 years of running club is that students want to fit in somewhere and just be free to be themselves.
  • Provides OPPORTUNITY – Campus Life is a place to get involved.  Bottom line, I do club because it makes the other Relational Ministry Action’s seem more natural.  Once a student is hooked on the weekly Campus Life club they want to experience the fun of building times, trips and events, and the growth of appointments, small groups and student leadership. 
  • Allows DISCOVERY – Campus Life is a place to get answers.  At Campus Life you can be genuine and ask your real questions!  We discuss a wide-range of issues over a year’s time, especially if you get small groups up and running.
  • Offers CONTINUITY – Campus Life is a place to grow.  The safety of a consistent meeting format and content enables students to trust Campus Life to let them grow at the pace they are comfortable with.  Never forget what you were like at 15 years old!

Read the five bullets again.  Make your club happen and watch your ministry explode and your life get a bit little easier!  And follow this blog this month as we think through each part of a good meeting!

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