Become a Chapter Affiliate

A Chapter Affiliate is incorporated in its state as a non-profit organization, governed by a local board, and overseen by a paid Executive Director. As a local non-profit organization
you may receive and receipt donations, and therefore handle your own accounting.


Contact us for more info about becoming a chapter affiliate.

Thank you for your interest in the ministries of Youth for Christ.

We appreciate your desire to reach youth in your community. Although we are always interested in expanding our ministry, we desire to do so only in areas where people like you are genuinely willing to commit to the task of making the ministry successful. With that goal in mind, we hope you and likeminded others will find us a fit for your city or town. Knowing that ministry needs vary greatly from place to place, YFC offers four ways to become a part of our organization as an affiliate, and we measure the effectiveness of those ministries through our “5 Essentials". We hope that one of these options will be just what you’re looking for, and that you will soon join us in our efforts to reach youth for Christ.

“But seek the welfare of the city
where I have sent you into exile,
and pray to the Lord on its
behalf, for in its welfare you will
find your welfare.” (Jer. 29:7)


Dan Wolgemuth
President, Youth for Christ/USA

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