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Harvesting Daily

06/06/2013 – In October the harvest season is in full swing for many communities across the US. Everywhere you look when you are outside the city limits you will see people with big trucks and tractors working...

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Moral Therapeutic Deism…What?

05/16/2013 – What’s that term? Moral Therapeutic Deism? What a mouth full, but it hits the nail on the head in my world. It’s how I grew up. It’s what I see in Christian students today. We use the Bible as a...

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Don’t Look At Your Own Deficiencies

05/02/2013 – I heard this in a fresh way the other day. It was at a memorial service for a man of God. Roy Smith, ordinary by fleshly standards, but made a pretty big splash in this world for the Kingdom of God....

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Don’t Lose The Trail

04/18/2013 – As I sat with my crosshairs on the elk, I was thanking God for putting me in the right place to shoot my elk for the year. My family and I love the meat plus it is very rewarding to get meat this way...

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Who Are You Following - God or Friends?

04/04/2013 – Elk hunting this year was an amazing opportunity to learn from God.  It was one of the toughest years for me as far as hunting went, but an amazing year for me as far as the spiritual retreat hunting...

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