Youth For Christ actively serves kids and their families affected by the Hurricanes impacting Florida and Texas. Our YFC teams are currently reaching out to the kids they serve, public officials, churches, and local ministries to strategically provide hope. 

Will you consider a one-time, special gift – to help encourage and fund the ministries of YFC in these communities? These storms will create financial hardship in the communities impacted. We want to come alongside our teams, financially supporting them as they continue to meet the needs of kids in their communities.

  • Ministering to kids and their families through this crisis. YFC staff and volunteers will continue reaching out to our YFC kids and their families across Houston and throughout the state of Florida.
  • Networking to help direct resources to our YFC kids and their families.
  • Support for our YFC staff, volunteers and their families, across Houston and throughout the state of Florida, to sustain their ministry for the long term.

Please join us in praying for those impacted by these storms. Stay connected with up to date prayer requests on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram using #PrayYFCHouston and #PrayYFCFlorida

Thank you for supporting our efforts to help kids and their families affected by these catastrophic storms.

YFC Ministries in Areas Impacted by Storms (Below are links to give)


YFC Houston


YFC Greater Miami

YFC Highlands County

YFC Suncoast

YFC Indian River

YFC Palm Beach

YFC Polk County

YFC Jacksonville

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