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JJM First Questions to Ask/Answer When Starting a New Site

By Eric Kelly, Posted on 5/11/11

You have finally gotten that appointment that you have been working on for months. You know that based on this meeting the facility will either open More Info...

JJM Collaborative Community Strategy

By Eric Kelly, Posted on 11/26/10

We intentionally work together with local churches, agencies and other partners to provide sustainable youth and family ministry.   More Info...

JJM 5 Signs of Effective Ministry

By Eric Kelly, Posted on 11/16/10

This is a power point that highlights the 5 key signs of an effective JJM ministry site.   More Info...

Understanding the Juvenile Justice System

By Eric Kelly, Posted on 11/16/10

This power point  focuses on understanding the juvenile system and how a teen moves through it.   More Info...

Volunteer Application

By YFC/USA National Service Center, Posted on 11/16/10

As long as YFC has existed, we have been multiplying the fruit of our ministry through volunteers.  Mobilizing large numbers of adult volunteers can More Info...