About YFC Military

Military teens experience an array of exciting and unique opportunities, but also live with unique challenges. We want to help every student through these hard and trying times. We do not proselytize, shame or guilt students. Instead, we demonstrate and discuss our faith in a way that results in support for all military teens and results in authentic Christ sharing relationships with lost teens.

YFC Military does this primarily through relationships with YFC adult and student leaders. The vehicles for those relationships are separate programs for high school and middle school students called Campus Life Military.


Campus Life Military

Campus Life Military is a place where YFC adult and student leaders seek to connect with students through healthy relationships in the context of faith and life. We desire to create a safe space where every teenager can be themselves and can also hear the Good News, hope and affirmation. Campus Life Military is very similar in many respects to the widely recognized Campus Life program with ministry sites all over the United States.  For more information on Campus Life, click here. 

Military families have unique needs at each installation they serve because the military has different mission requirements at every installation. Therefore, Campus Life Military must be unique at every installation to stay relevant to families. But no matter where in world you are, at a Campus Life Military ministry site, students will hear from and experience leaders whose lives are changed by their faith in Jesus Christ, who model Biblical values, and who intentionally create a culture of safety, care and respect for every student.

Common activities often include small groups, large gatherings, overnight events and even multi-day events such as camps and service projects. To keep kids safe, we follow all standard YFC safety practices including background checks for leaders. In addition, with the guidance of the local installation chaplain, we ensure that our events meet all applicable military safety and force protection requirements.


If you have additional questions, check out our FAQ here or contact us here.

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