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Do you have a desire to minister to the military and their families? Are you interested in learning more about YFC Military and how you can be part of us? Then complete the inquiry form, email or call 303.843.3817. 

Job Descriptions and Requirements

YFC Military Staff serve as missionaries to a very unique group of students whose parents serve in the U.S. military. If you want to dive deep to find out more about Youth For Christ here is a great starting place to see our vision for ministry.

Campus Life Area Director (Military)

Campus Life Area Directors are responsible to arrive at the most effective ministry solution for their community. Our Directors, are responsible to create a ministry that is “locally led, chapel-connected” and school and community-focused. We develop ministry plans that measure success by, “the number of YFC leaders that are in Authentic Christ Sharing Relationships with LOST teens. Our directors are responsible to develop, empower and deploy a team of YFC leaders for every school that is included in their annual ministry plan. Ministries may include camps, clubs, small groups, service projects and even unstructured hang-out time with students.  Applicants must have a Bachelor’s degree and at least two or more years of experience in youth ministry. A three-year commitment and fundraising is required. Previous experience with military culture can helpful, but also is not required.

Campus Life Associate Staff (Military)

Associate Staff work on a team lead by a Campus Life Area Director. As Associate Staff, you would be mentored by the Director to initially develop an adult volunteer leader team to develop Campus Life on a school that has a large number of military students. Initial competencies would be around developing leaders, working with youth, planning, and promotion. Although a Bachelor’s degree is not required, it is preferred.  All Associate Staff start with an initial three-year commitment. Fundraising is required.

Military Spouse or Service Member Initiative

If you are a military spouse or service member what can we do to help you identify and unleash your calling to work with teens? We can train you, provide you with tools and resources you need and even a coach. This position is really flexible, you can be a volunteer, part time or even full time. The vision for this role is you would be a YFC leader that would take and invest your calling to military teens to subsequent assignments for your entire or portions of your military service. Our desire is everywhere you went you would continue to invest yourself in military teens. There is not an education requirement. All M.S.S.I. staff start with an initial two-year commitment. Fundraising maybe required.

Interns (Military)

Interns have the opportunity of learning more about military youth ministry and ministering to these teens through our internship program.  Our internships are three months to one year and are available in the United States and Europe. You will work on a team and receive direction and on the job training at camps, clubs, small groups, and service projects. You will serve an important role model for teens, setting a personal example of living for Jesus Christ.  To participate in our internship program, completion of your college sophomore year or 20 years old is required.  College credits can be coordinated prior to embarking into the field. Interns raise all of their own support.

Raising Support

All of our YFC Military Staff who come on salary are considered missionaries and are responsible for raising prayer and financial support for each of their individual ministries.

YFC has over 100 fully-funded missionary staff serving worldwide who have successfully raised the finances they need to successfully serve.

Why raise support?

  • To recruit prayer partners who believe in you and will pray for your ministry
  • To build a team with whom you can correspond and share your vision and needs
  • To give you an opportunity to share your mission and your faith
  • To provide God’s people with an opportunity to follow His command to give
  • To provide a team who will hold you accountable for your mission focus
  • To give you a mutually caring group to whom you can minister

About Salary and Benefits

Youth For Christ’s salary and benefits package is comparable to other professional businesses and missionary agencies. Our package includes both health-care and retirement plans. Age, experience and additional credentials will be considered when calculating a missionary’s compensation package. There will also be one-time expenses associated with moving and setting up ministry such as moving expenses or a computer.

YFC is a faith-based missionary organization. We provide salary and benefits raised by each staff member as a YFC missionary from their circle of family friends and other contacts.



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