“Club Beyond helps me learn more about Jesus and what he did for me.”

As part of the evaluation of the retreat, that is what one of our 6th grade students wrote.  A couple weeks ago we took 14 of our middle school teens to a fall retreat. Mike is a kid that is always smiling and is very enthusiastic about life. He always makes me smile as well.  A couple years ago, Mike was living with his family in another country and although he is 100% American, he has never lived in America, which is the story of many kids that we work with. His first experience with Club Beyond was at this year’s 8th Annual Muck Wars. He quickly jumped into Club and has been a regular every week.  Mike was here last year as he watched his older brother go places and do things with us. So when I invited him to go on this retreat, he jumped at the opportunity. He was able to bring one of his best friends, Ryan, with him on the retreat, and as a result, Ryan was able to hear about Christ for the first time and make a commitment to follow Christ. Ryan’s encounter with Christ was a direct result of Mike’s relationship with him, because without Mike, Ryan would have never come with us on this retreat.

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