“That was awesome! That was better than the rock climbing or the caving we did 2 years ago at Adventure Camp.” -High School Guy after Service Project 2012

“Did you know that if you eat a bunch of bananas and hang the peels all over your hotel room, that the mosquitos will be repelled and not bite you all night? Something about
bananas.” Thanks to my regional director for sharing these words of wisdom with 15-year-old boys. Sure enough the idea of bananas being mosquito repellent was taken as gospel and the boys lived it out. Every banana peel was carefully attached to every window handle, curtain rod and dresser drawer in an air condition-less 100 degree hotel room in the middle of Romania. 

I know you are wondering to yourself, bananas and mosquitos? Seriously? Well I didn’t have the heart to tell them that what they believed was wrong and the nighttime mosquito war raged on, that is until I provided a legitimate solution with several properly placed desk fans. It was a very comical first few days, and being on the uppermost floor of an air condition-less hotel didn’t help our fight. However, it provided a bond that no mosquito could ever break. When we did our evaluation of this service project, several of my
boys said that it was the best week of their lives, the most fun they ever had on any kind of trip especially noting the fact that it was one of the first times they were able to do something that had more substance and depth, both physically and spiritually. Compare that to the fact that these kids travel regularly to places like Zurich, Salzburg, London, or Athens for school sports, and live on the doorstep of modern world history and could wake up tomorrow and be skiing at two world class ski resorts. This fact would simply blow my mind if I didn’t believe in a sovereign God that loved everyone. However, it is humbling to see the Holy Spirit move through service in lives of kids I love.

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