Club Beyond Rocks!

An excerpt from one of our staff member newsletters.

The highlight of the past couple of months has truly been weekly Club! I have been blessed with AMAZING kids who make my week! They are excited and willing to play all of the crazy games, but better than that, they listen when I talk about Jesus. They pay attention and ask questions about what it means to have a relationship with Jesus.

For Middle School Club, I have been blessed with three volunteers who show up and play games with the kids and help me with crowd control! One of these volunteers is a high-school girl who attended Club in Germany while she was in middle school, and now as a senior is involved again in a different way. It has been great getting to know her, and to see her actively live out her faith. She has been a huge blessing to Club; her willingness to show up weekly−even though her brother is involved−is fantastic! Her servant attitude is refreshing to see

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