Chris and Jonathan started attending a Campus Life Program a few months before camp. Through Campus Life they had begun to understand the gospel but were not sure yet, if they actually believed. Their home life is difficult. They have been scarred by messages of "worthlessness" and "failure" for most of their life.  Both boys accepted Christ at YFC Camp this summer and their Campus Life Director had the privilege of praying through this decision with them! It was an amazing experience as she was able to weep with them and feel them let go of the lies they have been told. Both boys were seeking out Camp leaders by the end of the week, wanting help learning how to follow Jesus now that they've accepted him.

This was not a short term experience, but a lifelong transformation. Both boys are still following Jesus and while their broken situations are still there, they are leaning into Christ. Jonathan is a part of our CORE disciple group, and is learning how to share his faith with his friends. The eldest, Chris, has experienced some very difficult trials in his home life and cannot attend regularly. He was able to go to church with his Campus Life leader this past Sunday and she could feel his spirit so uplifted by the service. He nodded in full agreement as she reminded him of God's love and plans for His life. She could tell He really believes God will use this difficult trail for his good, and is clinging to his faith in the midst of adversity. Through this process their mom has also found faith in Christ!

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