At 9:00 pm on January 17, 50 students and leaders piled on a bus to travel through the night to Spring Canyon Camp in Colorado. These students came expecting to retreat from their daily life and have a blast skiing or boarding on the weekend. What they got was not only a fun weekend but a time of meeting Jesus on the mountain!  On this trip God showed up in some very neat and unexpected ways! On the first night they were challenged to look for God on the mountain. That night at Club Beyond students shared how they had seen God in the beauty of the mountains, in the miracle of almost falling and feeling like God was holding them up, and in the time of musical worship during Club. It was exciting to see how these students really were able to feel God’s presence on this trip!

This trip was also a great time for me personally to bond and connect with the middle school students! We had 11 middle school students.  Eight were students who currently go to Club Beyond and three new students. I got to connect more deeply with all of the current Club kids and got to know the new students very well. All three new students mentioned their desire to start coming to Club Beyond! 

There were lots of neat opportunities to talk one-on-one with students on this trip. One high school student shared with me her struggle with bullying throughout all of elementary school. She was actually able to counsel and encourage a middle school student currently experiencing this same kind of constant bullying. As I played Risk with two of the middle school boys I learned two things: I learned all about these two boys and that I am not very good at conquering territories. On the slopes I got the opportunity to be an encouraging and patient instructor as I helped students down their first real run. On the bus ride home I talked with a student about her decision to follow God and encounter him daily because of this trip. Praise God for his faithful and remarkable work on this trip and the opportunity for me to be a part of it!

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