From the field:

I really enjoy zombie stories, but with a seeming increase in zombie sightings in the news and within popular culture, zombies have certainly piqued the interest of teenagers. Curious about the whole zombie “thing”, I had occasion to broach the subject with a group of middle school students, inquiring what is a zombie, how does one become a zombie, why do zombies eat brains, how do you kill a zombie - apparently, one can kill the “undead”- and other such burning questions. Everyone had an opinion, and the discussion was deep and animated. As the discussion began to wrap up, I summed up my new information about zombies with, “So, a zombie is a creature who was once dead but is now alive and relentlessly seeks out others in order to infect them so that they will become like him?” I had no sooner completed my findings when one seventh grader, who has become increasingly more involved in Club activities this year, shouted, “Jesus is like a zombie!”

I agreed with her that the zombie characteristics did seem to parallel Jesus’. He was dead but now alive, relentlessly seeking others to “infect” so that they will become more like Him. Of course, hoping to avoid potential angry calls from chaplains because I had just likened our Lord to a zombie, I noted that the similarities end with the rotting tissue and brain consumption (and creepy music). But not only does Jesus desire to infect us with himself (Galatians 2:20), He has given us the task of going out and helping to infect others as well (2 Corinthians 5).

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