This past Saturday I scheduled a coffee date with one of my eighth-grade girls. This girl had asked lots of spiritual questions on our ski trip and had started reading her Bible! I was expectant that this coffee date would continue to build a relationship with her and discuss what she had read in her Bible. It is so true that the Lord’s ways are higher than ours and He always exceeds our expectations! I ended up meeting with the whole family (the girl, her two sisters, and her mom) for two hours. It was so neat to get to know the whole family and understand their story better.  Not only did I get to know the whole family, but God continued to guide and lead the conversation. It started with the mom sharing that she believed in God and thought we were all accountable to Him. We started to discuss how we thought God might decide who was good enough. This led the middle sister to start talking about how she didn’t understand why Jesus would forgive those who had crucified Him. This opened the door to start talking about why Jesus died on the cross! As we continued to talk about Jesus’ death we started to talk about the resurrection. It was so exciting to see the middle sister’s jaw drop when she heard for the first time that JESUS ROSE FROM THE DEAD! By the end of the conversation these girls were understanding that Jesus is God and that He lives in heaven and is also present with us everywhere. I was even able to share with them that when we put our faith in Jesus he lives in our heart! It was so apparent to me that God had ordained this coffee date and was present there. He was there to introduce Himself to this family and I am amazed He allowed me to be a part of it!

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