I want to introduce to you one of our high school Club students named Lisa*. Lisa is a mom at age 15 and has had little, if any, spiritual guidance in her life. Lisa’s mom and dad were divorced when she turned seven. At age 13, Lisa started hanging around the wrong people and doing the wrong things. At 14, she met a guy and started a relationship that would resulted in her getting pregnant. The doctor explained to her what an abortion was and told her to think about it. Lisa gave this advice serious thought and concluded that she could never do that to someone she could give life to. Lisa cried all the time and was overwhelmed at what she was facing. After the birth of her daughter, Lisa started high school in the fall and became friends with Annie*, one of our club students. Annie invited her to club. Lisa and her daughter Megan* made Club a  priority from then on. Annie and Lisa volunteered to cook dinner for club last spring, as a way to get more involved. To quote Lisa, “I started going to club. I learned a lot about God and myself. My life changed and now I have hope for our future. You may fail, but faith and God will bring you through! I will never give up.” Please pray for Lisa and  her beautiful daughter Megan as God has giving them a new life and a new future.

*Names changed.

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