I have the immense privilege of leading a Jr. High Girls small group on Sunday afternoons. When I say this to adults, the reaction I get more often than not is, “Oh, I am so sorry. Bless your heart. You must be tired. You must have a lot of patience.” I always chuckle a little bit at this reaction. Yes, it does take patience and energy to hang out with Jr. High students, but for me, it is life-giving. When God calls you to a specific age group or demographic, time spent with them is incredibly purposeful and precious.

The Club Beyond Mission statement is: Celebrate life with military teens, introduce them to the Life-Giver, Jesus Christ, and help them become more like Him. I have shared stories with you about the military teens we are privileged to get to know. I have shared stories about celebrating life with them. I will continue to tell stories of how we’re introducing them to Jesus.

This semester, my small group of Jr. High girls are going through a book about our worth entitled Daughters of God the King. It is a special time of getting to know these seven or eight girls that gather in my small apartment living room each week. As is typical with Jr. High girls, we often end up completely offtopic, giggling, and sharing inside jokes or talking about random cute animals. But recently, our rabbit trails have been very focused and centered on questions that these sweet daughters of the King have about the Bible and about living a life that brings glory to God. As they ask me their questions, I have learned that I don’t have as many answers as I thought I did. One of the girls asked a question a couple of weeks ago about a certain passage in the New Testament- she was offended by what she thought it was saying. I realized as I was trying to answer her question that I didn’t really have an answer. I found a book that has a study specifically about this passage and bought two copies of it so that we can read it, talk about it, and learn together.  This is one way that we can help these teens become more like Him, and it is helping me become more like Him, too!


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