Over the past six months, we have been developing a relationship with Crista Camps, which operates two camps: Miracle Ranch and Island Lake. Both properties are within an hour of our base. Crista has a huge heart for military kids. For the past four years, they have sponsored two week-long camps each summer for military dependents at no cost to the families. Crista lovingly calls this event “Operation Xtreme.”(OpX)  With the support of the Chaplain, Club Beyond was able to partner with Crista to hold a Spring Operation Xtreme weekend in March. Our response from the community was staggering. 135 students attended Spring OpX.  The most exciting thing about this group is that about 70 of these students were not connected to Club Beyond or a Chapel community. 

Students had an amazing weekend with opportunities to ride horses, challenge the high ropes, play paintball, or even play midnight volleyball! The speaker, Josh is an active duty chaplain, and a friend of mine. He did a fantastic job of clearly communicating our need for Jesus and His love for us. Josh encouraged students to write something they wanted to “give up control of” to Jesus. They then had the chance to lay that piece of paper on a wooden cross. The picture of the cross covered in little slips of paper is imprinted in my mind. It was amazing to watch as students responded to the Gospel, many for the first time.


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