My Journey from Volunteer to Staff

An excerpt from a pre-field staff newsletter

A few months ago, during my volunteer work with military youth, I felt God's nudge to take me to the next level in following Him. I contacted the local Club Beyond Community Director whom I was volunteering with, completed an application, got references, and proceeded through the interview process. They recently invited me to Candidate Orientation, where I received training on what it will be like to be a YFC missionary. I learned that the mission of YFC is to reach every young person in every people group in every nation, and to give each of them an opportunity to make an informed decision for Jesus Christ and be discipled into a local church. YFC is involved in over 100 nations of the world!

I am happy to tell you that I was accepted as a missionary to Europe. There I will be joining a team that has a Community Director, and I will assist them with the young men's side of the ministry. My goals for the ministry are to create a safe place for military youth to come together, share, and have the freedom to ask questions pertaining to their faith in Christ. I also desire to see outreach to students through weekly small groups so they can grow together and share their life experiences together in their walks with Christ. Finally, I want to foster growing relationships with a pivotal volunteer team of people who also can reach students while serving the ministry.

Rejoicing in what He has done,


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