Have you ever found yourself at a loss on Bible study ideas for your small groups?

Maybe you’ve had this somewhat exasperated conversation with yourself:

“Let’s see. We have nine weeks left until we depart for our annual service project. God has given me six incredible teens to pour my life into this school year (three of whom will PCS as soon as we get back), and I’m down to my final two months with them. But I have NO clear direction on what to do with them for our remaining small groups. I just need ideas! Lord, please help!”

Sound familiar? Yeah, I’ve been there too!

Hi, my name is Brian. I had the privilege of working with military teens for seven years in Garmisch, Germany (please don’t hate me because of that!) and Naples, Italy. Of all the fun trips and activities and Clubs we led with our teens, it was small group time that I enjoyed most. That is where real life-change takes place.

Yet on many occasions, I had no clear direction on where to take the guys God had given me. I wanted to meet kids where they were at in their spiritual development. I also valued depth of substance. I don’t like “shallow”. Teens have major questions over serious issues and those questions need to be met with thoughtful responses. Like you, I believe Scripture is a treasure of rich insights that have the power to radically grip the heart, mind, and soul.

Good luck, though, finding any resources out there that met those criteria for military teens!

Until now!

For the past two years, I have had the honor of partnering with Dr. Dave Sanders, associate professor at Judson University, on a group-breaking project with American Bible Society (ABS). The great team at ABS and RezLife writers have put together the most innovative resource ever produced for military teens.  

It’s called RezLife, short for RezilientLife. As all military youth workers are well aware, resiliency is the key right now. How can we, in the role God has given us as Christian youth workers, help military teens rebound quicker and healthier from the endless sea of challenges they face? That’s the aim of this resource!

When you click here ( you will find:

  • A topically organized list of the most pressing issues facing our military’s youth.
  • Each topic contains three tracks – an individual journey, small group journey, and large group journey (the small group and large group journeys are available only to leaders).
  • Each topic has at least six different subtopics.
  • All the subtopics come with their own music play lists, professionally recorded audio devotionals, and other wiz-bang features such as videos, quizicals, and maps.
  • All subtopics have the Scripture passages fully integrated into the site.
  • And the whole site is integrated with social media features so teens can share stories and testimonials with their friends.

The benefits for leaders are:

  • More than 100 fully customizable lessons that you can tailor to the needs of your teens – that’s well over two years worth of material!
  • More than 30 fully developed small group lesson plans written specifically for the military teen.
  • A professional grade website that you can proudly direct your teens too.
  • Eliminates hours of creating your own curriculum.
  • Minimizes lesson prep from week to week.

So there you have it, friends! Check it out today. Block off a whole morning to orient yourself to the site, get familiar with the small group lessons, and begin planning for the best year of small groups you’ve ever had with your teens.

Once you do, shoot me an email. I’d love to hear how God is using this resource to change teens’ lives forever!

In Christ,

Brian Hershey
[email protected]

After having served with Club Beyond in Germany and Italy for seven years, Brian is now on an educational sabbatical where he is pursuing a Masters of Theology from Dallas Theological Seminary with concentrations in history theology and leadership development. Brian's life vision is to be helpful to the church by growing God's kingdom in depth and breadth by working with young people or those who work with them. Additionally, he serves as an adjunct instructor for the MCYM training institute and is a senior staff writer for He also serves the visions of YFC and Club Beyond as specific needs arise. Brian and Bonnie have three children, Alece, Bella and Cal.  Want to read more?  Check out Brian's blog at

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