Adam* is a guy who chose to come camping after I personally reached out to him on Facebook. He rushed to reach his folks and with a great blessing of a student picking him up, met us at the campground. It didn’t take long for Adam to adjust to his first time camping as well. Adam feels validated through his amazing ability of athleticism on the basketball court – sadly though he has high doubts of his own talents. To be able to see this young man also chop firewood with the axe was awesome. Adam has continued to grow since participating with our group at summer camp this past summer. His hunger to come out and serve us during middle school Club has been amazing and it’s apparent God has struck something deep in his core.

What really rocked my world was how raw and real our young men got with me in front of our campfire that evening. They were willing to tell who they were, what they were all about and even shared about their unbelief in faith with us. Truthfully, it still scares me a bit how much they could care less about believing in anything. I wonder if they’ll feel that God’s call on their lives to live for Him will take root within their lives or not. I see that we are now reaching the lost military teens more than ever on our installation.

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