Camp is a place where lives change because of what Christ is doing in and through us and them.  Here are four students whose lives were changed.

Derrick* & Laura

These two already had knowledge of the gospel before camp but hadn't made the decision to make Jesus Lord of their life — at least in their daily actions. I really saw them get on fire for the Lord throughout the week!! Derrick* make a public display of his commitment to follow Christ and I could tell almost instantly there had been huge heart change! The last night at chapel he said, "I can sit here and cry all about Jesus and what He has done for me, but if nothing changes when I get home it doesn't mean anything." He really is committed to living for Jesus and I am so excited to watch him walk it out this next year! For Laura*, it just seemed like throughout the week she was less and less involved in drama or other things, and more and more focused on her relationship with Christ. She talked with Kacie — our summer intern — a lot about wanting to start finding friends who encourage her faith in God.

Noah & Kirk

These two boys are brothers and have been through some hard stuff the past few years. Their parents are divorced, and that has been an adjustment. Noah* and Kirk* both  struggle with self-worth, as  people in their life have continually torn them down. They do not enjoy being with their dad and leave feeling defeated. In the last few months of  Campus Life they have understood the gospel but were not sure yet if they actually believed.  Both boys accepted Christ at camp and I got the privilege of praying through this decision with them! It was so amazing to see them let go of the lies they have been told about who they are and run into the arms of Jesus. Both boys were seeking out our leaders at the end of the  week, wanting help learning how to follow Jesus now that they've accepted him.

*Names changed.

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