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I have been working for Youth For Christ now for almost 2 years and just last year was when I really sat down and spent time thinking about the 5 essentials.  These essentials are vital for the ministry because it helps with it’s identity; however, I am part of the YFC Military branch and this looks a little different.  I get to hear stories about how YFC ministry sites grab a young volunteer and get to mentor them to become an amazing leader.  Those stories are so amazing, but on the military side, we don’t have that luxury.  We have to trust that God will help form that person into what God wants, because we don’t get to see the development.  We only see our volunteers for an average of 2 years.  You have to understand that the military moves consistently and all of our volunteers are in some way or another connected to that.  So praying, hard and long, for good volunteers is part of life when working with the military.  But God is good, always.  

This past year, I have been blessed with a volunteer who is only here for 5 months (husband is at a basic officer course), but she used to be a middle school teacher, and has masters in education.  Not only does she have education background, she taught at a Christian school.  It was an amazing breath of fresh air. Then just after that; another volunteer who wants to help with the ministry approached me.  She was telling me that where she used to live, she worked with the YMCA organizing field trips, sports activities for the youth in her city.  My job as the community director is to help them understand what YFC stands for, and help them apply the 5 essentials in the next place they are assigned.  Please keep praying for all the YFC military staff, because sometimes there will be a rotation and there are not amazing experiencd volunteers.  Life can get a little stressful when we have to train from the bottom up with all the volunteers, especially after a season of amazing volunteers who basically ran the ministry by themselves.  But what a joy it is to see God work in and through these leaders that we have the privilige to walk along side and invest in.

by Jeff Bourgeois

Jeff serves as the community Director at Fort Lee, Virginia.  Jeff is leading a team of staff and volunteers in providing Club Beyond to Army dependents.  Jeff began his journey with Club Beyond as a student and is excited about his ministry and calling.

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