This is what I know, as I wrote last about getting students outside to camp, that collaborating with other ministries or ministry sites really adds to the experience of what can happen at camp and it keeps you from getting drawn down into the weeds if that’s not where you want to go. So I asked a question at the end, "should I plan it on my own or use someone else?"

Collaborating with other ministries can ease some of the burden.  Share a bus to save on expenses. Increase your total numbers to reduce the cost.  Collaborate with another community to train volunteers and bring in someone who will help your volunteers become better leaders. Partner with a Christian guide service such a s Shiloh’s Edge, a YFC ministry, that allows you to empower your volunteers to spend more relational time with students by using the outdoors to invest in the lives of students. 

If you’re going to use adventure always make sure you are developing volunteers as part of your plan and empowering them to lead from where they are gifted at. Do not be afraid to ask for help in planning great outdoor adventures it would be better to collaborate with someone than end up in the six o’clock news because you lost students to a tide, bad weather or really thought that bear bags were just a joke.
Expand your vision to reach every brat by collaborating with others to do what you’re not gifted to do. Be careful of being too close.  You just might find out you are using one of the 5 essentials.

Get outside.

by Mike Fishel

Mike and Chris serve as the leaders of the ministry at Fort Bragg. Mike also has responsibilities as a area Coordinator working with other Community Directors. Ft. Bragg is the home of 8,000 military kids and is the largest military installation east of the Mississippi. Pray for Mike as he seeks to establish Club Beyond on Fort Bragg that he would find favor in the eyes of chaplains, parents and students. Mike and Chris have two adult children Ashley and Daniel.

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