An excerpt from one of our staff member newsletters:

This year marks the first annual “Club Beyond Winter Blitz”—a ski trip to Austria that takes place over winter break. It was an opportunity to take students to Austria for a week of snow sports, basketball camp, shopping in Innsbruck, a chance to go on the world’s only double-looping water slide, and, above all else, to hear the truth of the Gospel! Since I was new to the Menwith Hill community, I was only able to bring one student with me, and since he was a high-school boy, my time on the trip was spent as work staff, which meant that my days were filled with being on ski patrol, clearing and cleaning up after every meal, taking pictures, and being a crossing guard. The great thing about being work staff was that it allowed me to be a support to other staff members as they walked alongside of their students and helped them grow in their faith. The highlight of the week happened on New Year’s Eve, when the students had an opportunity to stand and make a statement about their experience during the week. It was during this time that a girl from Bamberg, whom I have been praying for for a couple of years, stood up and said that she decided this week that she needed a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and gave her life to Him!!  It was amazing to see God‘s work in her life!

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