2014/2015 Full Year Campus Life Middle School Club Curriculum

By National Campus Life Middle School Team, Posted on 7/3/14

The theme for Middle School Campus Life club curriculum is ReWritten. Our hope is that students begin to understand that they are in the process of living their story, which is written by God. 


The graphics are also in a zip folder. There are postcards, covers, posters and social media pics!


Videos for the year can be downloaded!

To download one or more of the videos for this curriculum, please click here - this will take you to a page in YFC Impact (the login page first if you are not currently logged in), so you must have a YFC Impact username and password to access the video downloads. If you don't yet have login credentials for YFC Impact, please contact the Chapter Manager of your local chapter. These video downloads are intended only for YFC staff and are not to be distributed or used outside of YFC.

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