2016/2017 Campus Life Middle School Curriculum- Breakthrough

By , Posted on 6/10/16

Breakthrough moments are when everything changes.  Saying yes to Jesus is a breakthrough moment, when Jesus enters the scene of a story life is turned on its head...when Jesus enters your heart, YOUR life is turned on its head. This year’s theme really sets the stage for story telling in authentic Christ- Sharing relationships with lost kids. As stories are unpacked throughout the year, we will pray for breakthrough in the lives of students! 
Here are some highlights for this year’s curriculum...

  • All of the content is brand new.
  • This year’s Shopping List should include all you need for the semester.
  • The video clips will be available to download soon. They are created to be additions to a middle school meeting, BUT if you are unable to use media it should not take away. Clubs are created to stand alone without the media. 
  • Make sure to read the sections from last year:
    • RMA’s in Action
    • Empower
    • Heads Up
  • Different options for kickoffs

Videos can be downloaded here! 

Middle School Resources Coming Soon...

  • 2nd Semester Club Lessons, Leader's Guides and Videos



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