2016/2017 Campus Life High School Curriculum- Better Than Ever

By YFC/USA National Ministries, Posted on 6/10/16

Our theme for this year is “Better Than Ever.” Students will be challenged to not limit Campus Life – and not limit the potential of a “Better Than Ever” year. They will have opportunities to discuss what it means to live Better Than Ever in the most important areas of life while also tackling critical issues high school students face. This year we believe Campus Life can be "Better Than Ever." 


Here are some highlights for this year’s curriculum…

  • We have added "Spotify Playlists” for each series. Each Club will have a link to the playlist along with suggested songs to play with specific crowdbreakers. 
  • "Ministry Team Empowerment" and "Plan Ahead” are two new elements we added last year and they will be included again in every club this year. These will help you strategically develop and empower your ministry team and help you prepare for what is coming up in future weeks.
  • The "RMA Connection” element continues to be an important section of the curriculum which helps you and your team utilize Club to spring board naturally into the other RMA’s.
  • There are over 20 Big Monday Clubs included for you to choose from for the 7 Big Mondays during the year. We have positioned them during times in the year we feel work best but you have the freedom to use those clubs as you see fit for your context.


Videos can be downloaded now!

To download one or more of the videos for this curriculum, please click above - this will take you to a page in YFC Impact (the login page first if you are not currently logged in), so you must have a YFC Impact username and password to access the video downloads. If you don't yet have login credentials for YFC Impact, please contact the Chapter Manager of your local chapter. These video downloads are intended only for YFC staff and are not to be distributed or used outside of YFC.

Campus Life Spotify Playlists


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