Building Deep Relationships with Urban Youth - Webinar

By City Life National Leadership Team, Posted on 5/31/11

In urban youth ministry, we want to build trusting relationships with urban teens. At times, building these relationships can be a rough road. There always seems to be so much conflict, drama, and inconstancy - both in them and in us!

Have you ever wanted to sit down and hear from a City Life student - what will it REALLY take to earn their trust? Now is your chance!

Listen in as Central Ohio YFC staff person, Erica and City Life student, Lamiqua share about their long-term mentoring relationship.

You'll discover:
    How did they start off in their relationships?
    How did they become close friends?
    What obstacles did they have to overcome in order to build trust?
    How do they resolve conflict?
    When and how was Erica able to influence Lamiqua spiritually?

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