Campus Life Middle School Quarter 2 Curriculum (November- December)

By , Posted on 7/24/19

Worst of All Time - Physical, Social, Mental, Spiritual

Christmas - Hillbilly Christmas, The OG Christmas

Think Different- Honesty, Respect, Contentment, Lust vs Love, Counting the Cost

No Filter- How I see Me, How Others see Me, The Real Me

Mixed Messages- Culture, Contentment, The Real Christmas Story, Christmas Party

React- Fear, Anger, Bullying, Servanthood, Thankfulness, Extra- Do Something

This or That- Honesty-Dishonesty, Respect-Disrespect, Self-Control-Anger, Loyalty-Betrayal

Tis The Season- Thankfulness, Family, Materialism, Sacrifice

Download curriculum videos here!

Q2 RMAs In Action

"How To" Document

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