City Life Job Descriptions

By City Life National Leadership Team, Posted on 11/23/10

These job descriptions will help provide a launching point for starting a healthy City Life ministry in your local community. Here are some hiring tips for you as you think through making a City LIfe hire:

  • Consider how you would like to see an expression of each of YFC’s 5 Essentials (Widespread Prayer, Loving Relationships, Faithful Bible Teaching, Collaborative Community Strategy & Adults Who Empower) to play out in this particular role.
  • Think of hiring a leader, not just a kid magnet. While hiring a “kid person” can be great, a truly effective City Life staff will also need to build teams of adults who effectively build relationships with urban youth. Look for someone who has a track record of building strong ministry teams.
  • Don’t just look for a charismatic up front leader. A key element to City Life is collaboration and you will need someone who can communicate, cooperate and not always be the center of attention.
  • Look outside of your circle. Ask the urban community you intend on serving who they might recommend to work to build teams of adults to serve urban youth.
  • Take your time. Investing in a new staff person is a considerable investment of God’s resources. If you have the ability to ask the applicant to volunteer with your local ministry before they are hired, you might be able to more accurately assess over time their ability to fulfill the job description.


This zipped file contains 3 sample City LIfe job descriptions that are customizable for your use; City Life Intern Job Description, City Life Field Staff Job Description and a City Life Ministry Director Job Description.

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