Community Assessment Interviews

By City Life National Leadership Team, Posted on 11/23/10

A community assessment is a process used to determine the needs of individuals or a group of individuals in order to design a program that will respond effectively to those needs and bring about desired changes. By first doing a needs assessment, you will be able to:

1. Conduct a review of past and current programs

2. Identify existing community assets and resources

3. Identify the existing gaps

Before proposing a new program that addresses the needs of urban teens, it is imperative to determine whether similar programs already exist in your community/ministry area. This is a much more effective use of limited resources and enables us to learn from the experience of others.

A review of existing programs will also determine where gaps exist so efforts can be targeted at the areas of greatest need. Identifying and communicating with staff from recently completed programs will also assist in determining the extent to which similar programs have been successful in the past.

Youth for Christ values collaboration and cooperation . . . there is too much to do to duplicate services! From the very first prayer, it is always a good time to begin collaborative relationships in your community. We are called to be an active, accurate representation of who God is – and this is an awesome opportunity to begin to nurture vital relationships in your community!

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