Free eBook: Symmetry - Fixing Broken Patterns for Kids in Crisis

By Dave Rahn, PhD, Posted on 2/10/15

"This book often had me on the edge of my seat."
Rick Lawrence, Author, Jesus Centered Youth Ministry

About the Book

In far too many places the work of God has operated in uncoordinated isolation, without benefit of synergy or symmetry. We can collectively report pockets of excellence, and it seems we are able to cite just enough stories of fruitfulness to keep the existing ministry machinery humming along.

Meanwhile, kids who live in chronic crises are typically not on the radar for local churches.

We’re working hard and getting a lot done—surely that’s good enough, isn’t it?

No, it’s not. This book describes the kind of symmetrical ministry that matters everywhere. It’s a first, foundational offering to the Big Answer discussions we must begin to have. The best thing we can do to offer the exclusive hope of Jesus Christ to kids who are stuck in crises and desperate for rescue is to do whatever it takes to help us all get our collective act together.

Symmetry is not a platform to lobby for kid-specific solutions. What we want is to contribute a framework to pursue answers we all need. It’s a conversation welcome to all who agree that Jesus is Lord and want to talk more about what that means for life and ministry today.



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