By , Posted on 7/19/11

Fundraising . . . for some people, just the word brings fear to the heart! But, God is in this process too! If He is leading you to begin a Parent Life Ministry, He is also working on the hearts of people in your community who are being called to be involved in this work through their financial and prayer support. 


Because teenage pregnancy and parenting is an issue of great concern, a Parent Life Ministry will have a wide range of support in a community. You will often find this support coming from unexpected sources, not only from individuals and groups within the Church, but also from individuals and groups who are not a part of any faith body. You will receive offers of donations of tangible items (in-kind gifts) and services. Beyond the obvious and much needed prayer and financial support, what can you say to people when they ask, “How can I help?”


“I’m so glad you asked!”

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