Growth Strategy for Trips & Camps

By Eric Potter, Brent Fox, Jake Bland, Posted on 11/17/10

Do you always bring the same number of kids to camp?  What's holding you back from growing your numbers?  It's time to DREAM BIG!  We want to challenge you to have a big vision for getting kids on trips (not just YFCamp... every trip you do!).  Yes, it will require more work from you.  But we believe God calls us to be constantly growing and always working hard for the sake of the Gospel.  Don't be satisfied with what you've always done - ask God what He's challenging you to do today and respond to Him with courage and hard work!

Take a look at this "Growth Strategy" that has been developed by our Peoria, IL chapter.  They have a deep desire to continue to bring new kids to camp and to challenge their student leaders/returning campers to get their friends involved.  

Can YOU think about something like this for YOUR area?  Dream Big!  

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