Living in the ‘Hood - Does it Even Matter? - Webinar

By City Life National Leadership Team, Posted on 3/28/11

People talk about living in the 'Hood....does that really even matter when it comes to effective urban youth ministry?

Noel Castellanos & Dr. Kara Powell explore the issue of incarnational ministry through relocation.  Even if you aren't called to live in the neighborhood...does it matter if any of our urban youth ministry team does? 

Noel Castellanos has served in full-time ministry in the Latino community since 1982 and has participated in youth ministry, church planting and community development across major metro areas of the USA. Noel is the CEO of the Christian Community Development Association.

In order to stimulate your thinking, our presenters have requested that you read a VERY short article on the topic of Incarnational Ministry.  See article below.

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