Understanding Charitable Choice Law

By Dr. Amy Sherman, Posted on 11/18/10

The Charitable Choice Handbook for Ministry Leaders aims to provide basic information on Charitable Choice--what it is (and isn't), how it works, what types of faith-based organizations might best benefit from it, and how to pursue the new opportunities it affords. The Handbook does not advocate that all faith-based organizations participate in new collaborations with government under Charitable Choice; rather, each organization must determine for itself, based on its mission, operating philosophy, and practice, whether working with government could be fruitful. For some, it will; for others, it may not. Discernment, honest self-assessment, and (since this booklet is for people of faith) prayer should precede any decisions about whether or not to seek government funding.

Youth for Christ Chapters should read this informative resource to determine for themselves whether they would want to seek government funding.


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