YFC Core Curriculum 2017-2019

By National Core Team, Posted on 1/3/17

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Core Team Curriculum 2017 - 2019

Whether this is your first time mobilizing Core Teams or you are a seasoned veteran, this will be a great resource. This set of Core Team curriculum exercises is designed to last from January 2017 until May of 2019. That is 2.5 traditional school calendar cycles worth of exercises.

The Core Team Curriculum has several new features including:

Exercise Modules, for example, a module for New Believers on a Core Team
Each exercise includes spiritual and social tags so you can find exercises relevant to your Core Team’s need.
Ministry Model Variations
And more...!

Remember, Core Team Curriculum isn’t your typical step by step curriculum. Rather, our intention is to help guide your time with teenagers rather than direct your time. Each exercise is designed to help your team(s) grow in their relationship with God and be mobilized to develop Authentic Christ-sharing Relationships with friends.



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