A Different Plan

A Different Plan

God had plans for Chris Miller’s life long before Chris even acknowledged God as Lord.

When Chris was 16 years old, he denied God completely and would argue that atheism was the only logical religious conclusion. Chris explains his life before Christ:

“If I had kept following my friends, who were up to no good, I would’ve been in jail or dead. Robbing people, stealing cars, breaking into places we shouldn’t have been in… I should’ve been arrested, I should’ve been kicked out of school, I should’ve been a lot of stuff, but God had other plans for me.”

A friend invited Chris to come to a Youth For Christ event and introduced him to teens who were learning what it meant to follow Jesus. These friends welcomed Chris in and cared for him.

“I remember going to a bible study and it felt like I was hearing about Jesus for the first time,” Chris says.

After numerous faith conversations and lots of people investing in his life, Chris eventually gave his life to Jesus.

“I surrendered my life to Christ and it has never been the same.”

Now, instead of going to parties and getting into trouble, this young man has become a light to his family, friends, school, and neighborhood.

"God has flipped my script. He has used YFC and the people there who took me in and discipled me. God has plans for me now to be the same light that people have been to me.”

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