“A father to the fatherless.”

“A father to the fatherless.”

Just last month we met a kid named John. John was twelve years old and living with his mother, who is a single parent. While meeting with John and his mother to discuss how Youth For Christ could support him, she asked him to leave the room for a moment.

His mother shared with us the abusive past both she and John had endured. She told us that while she was pregnant with John, she had decided to give him up for adoption. But the adoption fell through, leaving her with a huge decision to make. She decided to keep him, but she has never felt connected to him. She has other children who live in the same house and she knows John can tell she treats him differently, even though she tries not to.

She hoped YFC could give him the love and support she felt unable to provide.

Not long after this meeting, John decided to go with us on a middle school retreat. At the retreat we saw this twelve-year-old boy laugh, play, and, just for a weekend, feel free to simply be a kid.

On our last night of the retreat, during an emotional time of prayer, John told us that he missed his father who passed away when he was five. He wanted so badly to hear him say he was proud of him.

As we gathered around John, we were able to tell him over and over how glad we were that he’s a part of our family and how proud we were of him. In that moment God’s call for us in Psalms 68:5 to be a “father to the fatherless” was remarkably clear.

That night John accepted Jesus into his life.

John is just one of many kids with similar backgrounds and stories who we have the privilege and responsibility to serve.

As we form deep relationships with lost kids, they realize that they are valued and cared for. This often leads them to be open to the most important truth: that they are valued and cared for by God.

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