A New Life

Fifteen and pregnant.

It wasn’t how I pictured high school.

No one could have prepared me for the ridicule, stares, and judgement from my peers, let alone from those I used to call my friends. I was completely alone. My life was about to be flipped on its head. I was going to be a mother, raising a child, and I didn’t have a single person to lean on.

I stumbled upon Youth For Christ’s Parent Life program when I was searching for direction. All of a sudden, I found myself with a group of people who understood exactly what I was going through. It became my outlet for the fears and questions I faced entering motherhood.

Soon after I had my son, Michael, I became depressed. I hit my lowest point and desperately needed a significant life change. In fact, I needed rescue. I reached out to my mentors from Parent Life. I had heard them talk about Jesus Christ, but I never knew what it meant to have a relationship with Christ or that He actually wanted a relationship with me.

I was curious. I asked how I could learn more and even found a church to connect and get involved with. After a month of attending church, I decided to give my life completely over to Christ. I was a new creation in Jesus!

Parent Life was my critical stepping stone to finding a relationship with Christ.

The people I met through Parent Life reminded me that I am never alone, that Jesus loves me, and that He wants the best for me. I learned so much about being a mom because of this incredible group of people.

The people of Parent Life have been with me every step of the way. They were there for me when I had trouble with my baby’s father through our recent engagement. They were there as I completed high school, even when I wasn’t sure I would actually graduate. They were there as I tried to navigate college and discover a career path. They were even there with diapers for my son, helping me navigate the new challenges of motherhood.

This summer, I will travel to Honduras for a mission trip. If someone had told me a few years ago that I would leave the country and my son to tell other people about Jesus, I wouldn’t have believed them. But the Lord has changed my heart.

I’m not just living for myself anymore. I’m living for Jesus and my family. God is already doing mighty things in my life as I take this step of faith to serve Him this summer.

I want to encourage any other teen moms out there to know and believe that God loves you, to find a church and get connected, and to find a support system that loves and empowers you and points you to Jesus. My life hasn’t gotten easier, but I finally know that God has been with me through it all.

Thanks to Parent Life and my new identity in Christ, I have hope. 

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