A Prayer for Roots

Brody* was Mr. Everything. Everyone knew him and liked him. He was even captain of the football team.

Ryan* was the new kid who just moved to town after his parents’ divorce. He was quiet and no one knew him.

Brody noticed Ryan’s quiet demeanor and lack of friends. He befriended Ryan immediately, knowing that if he did so, others would follow his lead. As a result, their friendship bloomed and after weeks of getting to know Ryan, Brody invited him to a YFC Campus Life club meeting.

Every Tuesday, Brody gave Ryan a ride to club in his truck. And every Tuesday Ryan quietly sat through club. He rarely responded to anything that was shared at club or spoke to the leaders. But in the truck on the way home, Ryan was interested, open and full of questions for Brody.

Unfortunately, Ryan’s time in town was cut short and he would soon be moving. Brody knew he didn’t have much time left with his new friend, so during one of the rides home from club, he shared the gospel in the form of what he calls, “the most important relationship of my life.”

Although Ryan didn’t immediately make a decision for Christ, he appreciated Brody sharing. The night before he moved, Brody gave Ryan a Bible and they promised to stay in touch. Brody continues to pray that the seeds of truth Ryan heard at YFC meetings and through Brody on the truck rides will take root.

Brody is now a freshman in college and Ryan is hoping to attend the same school after he graduates. Brody says Ryan is getting closer to a full understanding of Christ’s gift of eternal life and continues praying God will open the doors for the conversation to continue where they left off sometime in the future.

YFC leaders count it as a huge blessing when students share their faith in relationship like Brody did with Ryan. Pray for protection over the seeds planted in our youth and the relationships between students like Brody and Ryan as they grow in faith and discover the most important relationship of their lives: with Christ Jesus.

*names changed

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