A Stable Place

Trinity is one of those kids who says exactly what she’s thinking as soon as it pops into her head. As a result, her local YFC leaders get to enjoy Trinity as a sassy, sweet, and silly kid. 
Like many YFC kids, Trinity is growing up in an unstable household. Her parents have an on-again, off-again relationship. Her dad isn’t kind to her. He calls her names, makes fun of her, and tries to put her on diets saying she’s not fit enough. Trinity avoids being at home when he’s home. 
Every Wednesday after school, Trinity hangs out her with YFC leader. They eat lunch and catch up about life and school. Then, they dive into her schoolwork. 
Trinity’s been struggling in school this year. She’s gotten Fs in every class. One of the biggest challenges for her is that her mom uses Trinity for childcare, which doesn’t provide a good atmosphere for getting homework done. By meeting with her YFC leader, she gets to enjoy a supportive and quiet environment to get her homework done. 
Trinity also goes to the weekly YFC Bible study every Thursday, which gives the YFC leaders another chance each week to speak truth into her life and invest in their relationship. 
It is amazing what a kid can do when she has someone cheering for them.

Her YFC leaders are excited to celebrate each of her wins, however big or small, and they help when she’s dragging. They have seen a positive change in her as their trusted relationships grow. Praise God!

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