A Vital Investment

A Vital Investment

Chad was 17 years old with a baby on the way when Youth For Christ Parent Life volunteers came into his life. He remembers the day:

“YFC came into my school and asked me how I was doing. No one ever asks me how I’m doing. They made me feel like I could do this...I could be a dad and finish school and take care of my mom.”

But two weeks later Chad’s life flipped upside down when his brother was murdered on the streets of Nashville.

Chad felt stuck. With a child coming into the picture and his mom struggling to make ends meet, he was overwhelmed and scared. A few nights later, not considering the consequences, Chad held up a grocery store down the street. He was caught and sent to jail.

In the same week his mother buried one of her sons in the ground and saw the other son put behind bars.

Chad felt hopeless, “I wanted to end my life. But this guy with JJM came in and talked to me about Jesus. He gave me hope. He told me YFC was praying for me.”

Chad accepted Christ a few weeks later. Not long after, he was sentenced to 10+ years in jail.

Although Chad was devastated, he now has confidence in something outside of himself:

“I know God has a plan for me even in all the mistakes I have made. I’m trusting that He will use me even if I’m stuck in here for a while.”

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