A Warm Embrace

“My girlfriend broke up with me this morning. Oh, and I also found God.”

With a servant’s heart, this young man came to Youth For Christ’s high school summer camp to wash dishes all week for free. He took the hardest job in the dish pit (affectionately known as the PITS), and was often the first in the kitchen to take on the mountain of dirty dishes that greeted us each day.

Halfway through camp he had a tough conversation with his girlfriend and they decided a break was the best option.

But in the despair and pain that follows this all too familiar experience, he reached out for the first time to God in a fully dependent, vulnerable, and real way.

He told me God met him with a warm embrace he couldn’t quite understand. He had the feeling that he was being surrounded in more love than he could comprehend. And even though this break-up was still painful, everything has changed.

He has since returned home to have his car break down and his job let him go (because of his car and probably because of his faithfulness to come volunteer with at camp for a week).

And yet he is still passionately diving into learning more about God, experiencing him in vast new ways, and pursuing a whole new purpose.

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