An Extraordinary Gift

An Extraordinary Gift

The decision for a man from a small town to give to the Lord wasn’t difficult. He was raised to be generous; it was in his DNA.

But God didn’t ask for a small gift from Rick and Kristi. He asked for something massive.


Growing up, Rick says, “I had great parents who instilled in me the importance of knowing who Christ was... But I couldn’t imagine how much God would use me if I was obedient and would listen.”

As a teen, Rick began to realize just how large God’s kingdom is, in part due to Youth For Christ events. He saw so many other Christ followers, dedicating their lives to God’s work. And he saw so much more work to be done. Rick experienced what YFC was doing to reach the lost, and he began to uncover the role he might play in God’s effort to reach more lost kids.

As Rick’s understanding of kingdom work grew, his opportunities to trust God began to add up as well. Post-college job offers led Rick into a promising position, but he discovered the company had less-than-ethical practices. Through it all, Rick looked to God for answers and listened to the prodding of the Holy Spirit. And although his new wife questioned his grip on reality when he said he needed to quit his job without another in sight, they trusted God to provide.

And God came through in ways they never could have imagined.

The opportunity to work for a car rental company (at the time, a relatively small business) blossomed into nearly 35 years of blessing for Rick and the company. With that blessing, Rick and his wife continually served their church and frequently gave to overseas ministries and YFC. But ever since he had that glimpse of the vast potential of the kingdom and the desperate need in the world, regular giving just didn’t seem to be enough.

Rick says, “I have continued to believe God has got something more for me to serve him with.”

When the call came to support YFC’s Campaign for America’s Cities, Rick’s heart was ready.

Rick knew there was no better place to invest resources than with YFC leaders who have the ability to reach out, meet the needs of teens, and introduce them to the truth of the gospel. But what kind of gift was God asking for?

Rick says, “A lot of times, the kingdom could be moved dramatically if we would just say, ‘God, can I trust you?’” And that’s exactly what they did.

Rick and Kristi prayed, “What do we have that maybe isn’t the natural thing to think about?” Was God leading them to give a check or something a bit outside the box?

God impressed on Rick’s heart that he had something unique to offer. His farm. 

When Rick considered his farm in terms of the kingdom, the earthly value of it seemed to pale. He says, “I didn’t even know how we would do it logistically, but my wife and I thought this would be the most valuable legacy we could pass on.”


“In rich biblical terms, God used this catalytic gift to expose the crop of young souls in cities like Houston and New York City. Rick and Kristi’s step of faithfulness and generosity opened the doors for an unprecedented strategic effort in the history of YFC. Rich, rural farmland producing an amazing eternal harvest. This profound lead gift inspired others. From a pioneering $6M initial Campaign for America’s Cities to today’s bold and courageous step toward a $45M Campaign for One Million Kids. One million overlooked, ignored, and lost kids each year. A nearly unimaginable dream, cultivated in the fertile soil of Kansas. Cultivated in the hearts of Rick and Kristi Allen. Only God. Always God.”– Dan Wolgemuth, CEO/President of Youth For Christ USA


Thank you to Rick Allen and countless others for trusting God with gifts both large and small. Because of you, lost kids will be reached for the kingdom for generations to come.

And like Rick realized all those years ago, there is still so much work to be done.

What is God leading you to today? Will you trust God with your resources to help us reach one million kids? 

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