An Invitation into the Darkness

An Invitation into the Darkness

“This last year has been really hard for me,” 

Katie whispered through her tears. 

“I was really depressed and spent several days in the hospital because I was seriously considering suicide.”

The four of us sat around the coffee table, our hands cupped around our lattes to soak up the warmth. Katie’s two best friends sat beside her, and I could see the tears in their eyes, too, as they listened to Katie share her story.

Katie told me that these two friends had known what she was walking through for the last few years, but up until this moment she had not trusted an adult enough to share this darkness with them.

She vulnerably continued, 

“You say you love me and are here for me, and I believe you. I don’t even know why, but I do.”

I reminded Katie that I was not going anywhere and that I would continue to walk beside her through the dark days and the light days to come. I told her that I would stay with her and would encourage her and remind her of God’s everlasting and unconditional love for her.

Katie and I now have a safe and meaningful relationship. We meet regularly to talk about life and Jesus. Katie claims to not be very religious, but she says she does believe in some kind of higher power. Although she isn’t sure exactly what she believes about God, she now has a place where she can ask questions, talk about Him, and openly share about her struggles.

We know the kids we work with are walking through dark and difficult situations. We also know the only solution to the darkness and hopelessness these kids face is the hope and truth of Jesus Christ. That is why we work so hard to engage as many kids as possible in authentic, Christ-sharing relationships. We pray that these relationships with loving adults will provide them with someone to who will walk alongside them in their pain, hurt, and loneliness and who, most importantly, will point them to the only One who can redeem their stories.

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