Better Than Any Firework Show

Better Than Any Firework Show

On each of the last two nights of camp, leaders and kids gathered around the open field by the baseball diamond in the evening.

Tuesday night was the conclusion of our Independence Day Celebration, and we surprised the campers with a firework display after Club. There’s nothing quite like watching fireworks with 480 middle schoolers, hearing them exclaim “whoa!” “AWESOME!!” “Did you see that one!” and enjoying the celebration with childlike wonder and pure joy.
But it was Monday night around the baseball diamond that truly made my heart sing.

It was Monday night, after our speaker gave the gospel presentation and invited kids to respond to what God has been saying to them throughout the week.

As the sun set, fireflies twinkled in the grass, and the music began to play softly, kids began to say yes and yes again – out loud – many at the top of their lungs.

It was the kind of goosebump-raising moment that makes camp a highlight of my summer every year. 

We rejoiced with the angels as kids said "Yes" for the first time, and as many said “yes again.”

We praised God for the souls and the stories of the kids who said “not yet,” confident that the Lord will continue working as they continue in relationships with their YFC leaders at ministry sites back at home.

We celebrated what was more beautiful than any fireworks display – the incredible miracle of souls being brought from death to life. The wonder of a God who takes broken stories and redeems them for his glory.

Thank you so much for interceding on behalf of our kids and leaders at camp! Please continue to pray for the rest of the camps going on across the country this summer.

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