Building Bridges

Building Bridges

He came to camp with a basketball and an attitude. 

He didn’t really want to be involved in much of anything, especially club.

He and his friend played basketball all day and tried to stay as disconnected as possible. During the late-night dance, they headed out to the court to avoid going into the dance. 

I used to play basketball as a kid, so I thought I’d try to build some bridges. Through that experience, the boys and I gained some mutual respect. We said hi to each other almost every time we saw each other after that. Throughout the week I was able to have a small voice in their lives in regard to actually going into club and not causing distractions. 

Fast forward to the trip home. 

This boys trip leader had a conversation with him on the bus. Through that conversation, she found out that he was suicidal and was planning to take his own life. As soon as they got home, she got him to the ER to start getting the help he needs.

The leader said that if he didn’t have the experience he did at camp, he might not have opened up about his plan to take his own life. I’m so grateful for opportunities to build relational equity in the context of camp in such a short time.

As far as I know, this boy hasn’t yet said yes to Jesus. Please pray for him and for others like him who are struggling with weighty issues. Pray that God would work powerfully in his time and for his glory.

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