Can’t Anyone Love Me For Me?

Can’t Anyone Love Me For Me?

The minute I heard her voice, I knew something was wrong.

She asked if we could talk. "I'll be right there" was my reply. Minutes later, as I drove up to her house, I saw her sitting there in the rain, sobbing. She climbed into my car, wet and obviously weary. No words came, just tears. So, I drove…and she cried. Finally, we found a warm, dry, quiet place to talk.

"There is not one person I can trust," she cried. "Can't anyone love me for me?"

Her story was one of much pain & loss. As she started to share, the tears flowed. Abusive relationships, death, disappointment, depression, attempted suicide, and loneliness seemed to have stolen not only her youth, but also her future. Her belief in God was shaped by a system of works, and her realization that she would never be good enough only added to the depression and hopelessness.

But as the rain fell steadily outside, an amazing thing was happening inside.

It was one of those conversations that you hope to have someday but are afraid that when it happens, you won't know what to say.

Although the circumstances in her life were different than my own, the bottom line was so familiar. I had struggled with many of the same things - including the feeling that I would never be good enough for God. So when the tears and the story came to an end, I had the opportunity to share not only my story, but more importantly, how Jesus Christ had proven Himself to be the One I could trust. How His love had changed my heart and life. And how much He loved her and was waiting for her to trust Him.

More than 2 hours passed, and yet it seemed like only a few minutes. The questions and answers, the tears and the laughter all culminated in one of the most holy events I have ever experienced.

She prayed and put her trust in the One who will love her forever.

Her face was almost glowing. There was a new light in her eyes and a smile of serenity on her face. Her entire countenance changed. More questions came. "Do you have a Bible I could have?" she asked. "How can I learn more?"

We moved the conversation back to my kitchen table. She hadn't eaten all day so I fixed her something to eat. I got my Bible and one off the shelf. Between those two Bibles and a Bible app on my phone, we looked up verses and talked for another 2 hours!

Since that rainy evening, we have spent several afternoons and evenings together. She is still eager to learn, and it is such a privilege to continue to point her to the love and hope of Christ.

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