Committed to Love

At just 12 years old, Eboni has already experienced more trauma and upheaval in her life than most adults, growing up in a tumultuous inner city neighborhood. When her father unexpectedly died last year, Eboni’s life was thrown into even more chaos. Heavy burdens, aching heart — Eboni has tried to carry it all on her own. She’s a smart, funny kid, but she faces huge challenges.

When Eboni began attending local Youth For Christ events, a YFC volunteer named Dana reached out to her. She’s committed to mentor Eboni for at least one year, and the task has proven, at times, to be challenging.

Eboni has repeatedly tested Dana, being cruel on purpose, seeing if Dana is really going to stick around. And to Eboni’s surprise, Dana is still there, gradually building trust. Dana handles Eboni’s behavior with love, able to joke and poke fun, but also firmly guiding when necessary. Dana doesn’t get distracted by the misbehavior and the anger. Instead, she focuses on what’s really going on in Eboni’s heart.

Through this relationship, Eboni has slowly been affected by the message of the gospel. She attends a Bible study with Dana every week, and she fights with the others girls about who gets to read the Bible passage of the day. She’s engaged, and she’s interested. In the context of this loving, Christ-sharing relationship, Eboni asks questions and has even shared about her father’s death.

Please pray with us that the perserverance of staff and volunteers will continue to change kids’ lives, that they would come to a saving faith in Christ. The seed has been planted; we pray it will take root — for Eboni, and for kids across the country.

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